Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dolphins financials

Found this interesting:

In 2009, the Dolphins went $7.7 million in the red.....While player costs for the Dolphins increased 9 percent ($123 million in 2008 to $134 million in '09 according to Forbes), the Dolphins refinanced $235 million of stadium debt in a deal that includes a $159 million letter of credit that backs taxable municipal bonds sold through a government conduit but for which the stadium corporation is responsible. The deal, arranged by Goldman Sachs, contains a credit reserve that is significantly bigger than it otherwise would have been to account for the possibility of a work stoppage in 2011.

This and that

Dolphins CEO Mike Dee went on record yesterday as saying that "nobody has given up on Chad Henne."  Riiiight.  Can't wait to see him take the field next season and make some terrible throws en route to a 1-3 start!

Heath Evans (one time Dolphin, and former Patriot) went on record as saying the Daboll hire makes the Dolphins worse - he's not the brains of the operation was the quote he used when talking about his stint in New England.  Gotta love it when players (on their own) go out of their way to say something not-too-nice about another team's coach.

Jeff Ireland was signed to a "multi-year contract extension" which means that Ross has some faith in this guy, regardless of what he thinks about Sparano. I think its safe to say that Sparano and Ireland probably aren't hanging out lately outside of work.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Season ticket renewals

Season ticket renewals were sent out by the fins. A couple of things caught my eye:

Pay in Full by February 23 and receive 5% of your 2011 invoice amount towards additional seat purchases for any 2011 home game of your choice (subject to availability)! For example, if your total invoice amount is $2,200, you will receive $110 (5% of $2,200) in value towards the purchase of additional game tickets. (Example of credit redemption: 2 Upper Corner/Endzone tickets).     
They're allowing you to pay interest free over 6 months or you can get a discount on another ticket. That's reasonable but not incentive enough. 

Per our standard policy, non-renewed seats could be made available to renewing season ticket holders or to new buyers.

That's the company line on non renewals. You know what I say?  They sold around 50,000 seats last year.  That's less than 70% of the seats. And doesn't include all the luxury seats. I might take my chances and see what's available later rather than giving them money up front. 

If you do not renew your season tickets, you must return your FanVision device(s) (one device for every two seats) to the Miami Dolphins. If the FanVision devices are not returned by April 22, 2011, a $250 charge will be applied for each unit unreturned. For return instructions and to receive return packaging, please contact your personal Guest Experience Representative at 1-888-FINS-TIX (1-888-346-7849), option 2.

I thought the deal with fanvision was that you got to keep the unit. I guess that's only true if you renew?  They didn't explain that very well and I think you'll have some unhappy fans. 

In the event that we miss any games, you will be refunded the price of your tickets and parking, if applicable, for any games that are not played. Click here for the refund policy. 

Specifically, our refund policy is as follows:

1.     We will provide you with a full refund for any cancelled preseason or regular season home games.

2.     You may choose to receive your refund either in the form that you paid for your tickets (e.g., cash, credit card) or in the form of credits towards future games.

3.     If any games are missed, refunds will be paid no later than 30 days after final determination of how many games will actually be played during the 2011 NFL season.

Please note that the terms of this policy are not required by contract or law, and apply only in the event that Miami Dolphins games are cancelled.


Nice of them to modify their standard rules. I remember after 9/11 I was stuck with a bunch of tickets I couldn't use because they would not give refunds because the game that week wasn't cancelled - it was rescheduled to a date when the peeps I was going with couldn't make it v

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A new wanker in the hall of shame!

He's Bill Parcells!!

An open letter to the owners and players

To the 31 owners of the NFL, the managing partner of the Packers, and the NFLPA,

I am a fan who loves the Dolphins.  So much so that I write a regular blog, and host a podcast each week during the season.  While I'm not the guy with the face paint sitting in row 1, I am similarly passionate about my team - and really the NFL on the whole.

I enjoy watching the game, understanding the strategy, and some of the dynamics that happen around the team.

Ticket prices go up every year.  There are more fees than ever (such as NFL Sunday ticket).  Merchandise is expensive.  And yet, I keep coming back because you produce a product I like.

And now we're at a crossroads.  You can't agree on a contract because, well, because of greed.  And that's just sad.  Everyone wants a bigger slice of the action.  I see both sides of the argument, but come on!  The median income in the US is well under $50k.  By your standards, that's not much.  And certainly you are more apt to want fans on the higher end of the income.  You're haggling over millions - numbers the average fan can't fully grasp -  all the while preparing to alienate those fans.

You're "king sport" right now, but you stand to lose that.  A lockout helps no one.  A forced agreement that pushes this out for another year delays the inevitable.  A strike benefits no one.  Litigation will take a long time, and is unlikely to end this.

You're only choice is to "butch up" and hammer out an agreement.  Don't cook the goose that lays the golden egg.  You'll surely lose more in the long run than you'll gain in the short run.

Get over your egos and keep the sport I love alive.

Bitchin' Dave

Fans, you, too can sign the petition to voice your opinion and help the owners decide to get a deal done!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wow, talk about taking advantage

The Cowboys stadium has some giant TV screens outside, to allow fans to watch "America's Team" without going in.

The NFL has announced they will be "selling" tickets to watch the SuperBowl from that vantage point.  For $200 a pop.

That's just nuts!

Say what?

There's a story on espn about how Bill Parcells - while employed by the fins - recommended the jets hire Rex Ryan.

He considered making a change in Miami but his personal feelings for sparano got in the way.

What a wanker this guy has turned out to be!!! If I were Ross I would do everything in my power to get every cent I paid to this jerk back.

Here I thought he didn't do jack to help the team. And in reality he was actually doing harm to them!!!

Holy shmagahe!

Odd, indeed

Stephen Ross made such a big show out of his "mistake" last week.  And then indicated the team would be more explosive on offense.

We heard the names being batted around, and heard about comings-and-goings in Davie.  And, finally, the signing of Daboll was met more with a yawn than anything. 

There have been confirmations that he has accepted the job.  And yet, not a word has come from Davie or Cap'n Firepants (Ross).

Wouldn't you think that after that silliness last week, they'd have a press conference to tell us?  Or issue a statement?  Sheesh.  Things are going to continue on the same path over there.  Everything is a big, big secret!

You'd think he might have learned something about how feverish the fans are and how closely the press follows them.

I'm tellin' ya, my thoughts about some charisma from the coach or the organization would be HUGE.  Sure fans are talking about Daboll, but not in a "wow this a great hire and I'm stoked" kind of way.  Its more "are we any better??!!"

CBA: the latest

The NFLPA filed two lawsuits against the NFL in recent weeks:

First is a claim that about the TV contracts - the owners will receive broadcast rights fees, even with no games played in 2011 - basically stating this violates their agreement to share revenue.

And second is a claim of collusion, essentially stating that the owners are conspiring to set contract amounts, and restrict free-agency.

Said the commish: "It's more litigation. I've said before: This is not going to get resolved through litigation.  It will get resolved through negotiation. It's time to get to the table and negotiate."

Both cases will be heard by a special master at a future can't read too much into what's happened here, because neither suit was unexpected, and its all a part of balancing the power between the owners and players.  But what you can infer is that this process will not be easy, and won't go away quietly.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Allrighty then

The fins got their new oc and he meets the fans criteria of "anyone not named Dan Henning".

The troubling signs are that he comes from one of the two offenses ranked lower than Miami, that his previous offenses haven't been dynamic, and the belief is that Henne will get another shot backed up Pennington.

I'm not getting a warm and fuzzy. And so far there has been no formal announcement from the fins. I would have hoped for something after that press conference last week. Who knows? Maybe it will still be coming.

Is he any good? Who the heck knows? But it just doesn't feel like an upgrade so far. And without any ability to install his offense who knows what will happen....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Just so I'm clear

I am still a dolphins fan. I still hate jets fans. And I don't much care for the jets themselves.

But I have developed a respect for the team and what they've accomplished in 2 years. There's no rational reason for the fins to be where they are.

I expect more. I want them to be competitive. I don't want excuses!!!

I am embracing the reality and trying to do what I can to help this team get out of this defeatist cycle.

And there ya go.

(note: as I typed this I saw the fins just signed a guy who's been following man-genius around, as their new oc. I'm not getting a warm fuzzy. See why I'm peeved?)


JT was interviewed after the game yesterday.  It was a different JT than we've ever heard.  He was going on and on about how he made the right move by going to the Jets.  And while he was happy, the team goal was to win it all - and they had that chance.

And then he said he was having fun.  Its fun to play for Rex.  He's enjoying himself.

I don't think he ever said that here (or if he did, it was a long, long time ago).  And certainly you haven't heard that from any Dolphins players in the last ten years or so.  Sheesh, it almost seems like this team is bereft of fun.

And isn't this a game?  A sport?  Isn't it *supposed* to be fun?  Why isn't it?  Coaching?  Ownership?  Approach?  Apathy from the fans?


Now for the change of heart I've had:  I want the Jets to win it all.  I want JT to be happy.  And I want him to come back and retire as a Dolphin, and get his name up on the ring of honor. 

That way, there would be a monument to the futility of the franchise.  A guy in the ring of honor who was very good for this team, but whose chief accomplishment was helping some other team win it all.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

More playoffs

The NFC game on Sunday was a blowout, and that makes 3/4 NFC playoff games that were pretty ridiculous games from a fan standpoint.  When there's no competitive balance, its not worth watching.

Now in the AFC, that Jets-Patriots game was somethin'.  I really don't like either team, but a buddy of mine who's a HUGE Jets fan brought me around this week to this: the Pats have won a lot of games these last 10 years, and have all the hype - so why not root against them this weekend?

So I did.  And as I sat there and watched it, I was beguiled in a way.  Here was the loud-mouthed fat man getting excited about the play on the field and challenging his team to win.  And there was the pretty boy with girlie hair (that you couldn't see beneath that stupid stocking cap) and the better-than-everyone-else-just-ask-me coach.  It was fun to see them go down in flames.

Having beat the Jets once, and giving away the other game, I came to realize that there is - and yet there isn't - a lot of disparity between either team and the Dolphins. Sure, the Pats had their number twice this year, but sometimes that's football.

And near the end of the game, it hit me like a ton of bricks: I had wanted to see the Seahawks win it all.  And when they lost, I was left without a team to root I should root for....gulp....brace yourself....the Jets???!!!

Now why would any Dolphins fan do such a thing?  I have a rational explanation.  While the Dolphins were out there dickering with their roster, and doing foolish and sometimes stupid things and Sparano would give a song and a dance about how to motivate his team, Ryan was being unabashed and brash.  He told everyone he was going to win it all - and played fantasy football, signing anyone he thought would make his team better. 

We all thought it would blow up in his face.  But it didn't.  Maybe its partly because he has the right attitude, maybe its because he has the *right* mix of players.  Who knows?

Realistically, as I look back, the Dolphins should have been trying to beat them at that game.  But no.  Bill Parcells had everyone keep quiet and decided to do it "his way" and build a 1950s-era team that could smash you in the mouth.  No hype.  All blah.

Ryan is backing up his words and his attitude with the players on the field.  And as much as it pains me to say it, I respect him for it.  And of course, a Dolphins fan, I'm jealous!

So Dolphins peeps - Stevie, Jeffy, Tony, even you Billy - I'm calling you out because you DIDN'T do anything to make this team better, give them attitude or swagger, and make believers out of us.  And yet the Jets did.

I want the Jets to win it all, if for no other reason than to make the Dolphins look even MORE foolish because Cap'n Izzy should have gotten a guy with charisma to coach this team, rather than inviting celebrities in to be owners.  That would beat the hell out of seeing some of these guys at games yukking it up when the team was losing!

The Fins deserve to have a lot of egg on their face.  It came to a head a week or so ago, and will continue to be a problem for a while. And I can only laugh.  BAWAHAHAHAHA

Saturday playoffs

So the Falcons get eliminated.  Too bad.  Still, comparing that team to the Fins (since they were in similar condition 3 off-seasons ago), I'd take where they are any day.  The have a stable coach, a stable QB, and generally a good team.  Plus a ton of wins this year.  One bad game - even in the playoffs - does not a bad team make.

And I'd like to remind everyone that in 2005, the Dolphins held the second overall pick.  Nick was at the helm. Clearly, Miami needed QB help and most draft-nicks pegged them to take Aaron Rodgers.....they took Ronnie Brown.  He's been very good, but never great, and the QB position was left open (again).  And it looks like Brown may be headed out the door.  Rodgers is having a career year...

Meanwhile in the AFC, I'd like to point out that my three least-favorite teams in football are (in order): Patriots, Jets, Steelers.  And one of them will be in the SuperBowl.  That sucks.  Baltimore had too many turnovers to overcome, and the Steelers are in the hunt for their 7th title.  Yikes.

Good thing we beat them this year. Oh that's right, we didn't due to a stupid call by a ref.