Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What the future holds

I've been reading the articles (like most of you have):

  • This is not the glamorous job it once was
  • The presence of Ireland may deter some coaches from coming here
  • The uncertainty about Peterson (and who would be the boss) might hinder some coaches
  • There are other (possibly better) jobs that will become available
  • Some teams will have a more settled QB situation, which is key.
  • The chemistry between Ross and whoever is hired has to be right 
And while all of these things are generally true, for Stevie, there's no easy answers.  Even so, he should step away from the focus, and hire someone to run the football operation.  Trust them to get it done for you.

Plus, he will have to have patience.  This team is a few years away from being outstanding.  It will take that long to find a suitable answer at QB and groom them - or let them grow into the role.  After all, Cam Newton's team has the same record.  And he's damn good.

Shame on the Dolphins for not finding a replacement for Marino while Marino was still here - and then in any of the dozen years since.  H Wayne was presented with what sounded like a reasonable plan by several coaches, but they all failed.  Because, essentially, each coach had a philosophy that didn't really care about the QB play.  Run first, and play good defense and fill in a capable guy at QB.  And pass on above-average talent when its available.  That's not an answer. 

And one other thing that I've heard:  Ross would like to keep most of the staff intact.  Could that be for real?  Would any coach accept that?

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