Monday, December 26, 2011

Trade Jake Long?

There's been some chatter about potentially trading Long while he still has value.  Of course, he can't be traded until after he heals, but its an intriguing prospect.  And it goes along with my thinking that the Dolphins would be relatively smart to trade up to get whatever QB they will covet - and allow the prospective team to pick ANY player (or two!) off the roster in trade - even Long.

Now as for trading Long, I actually find this amusing.  Why?  Because I can go back in history to 2008; Miami is sitting with the #1 overall pick.  There was a lot of talk about which offensive or defensive lineman Miami might go with - and very little regard for taking a QB.  Miami takes Long #1, and Matt Ryan goes 3rd.

Protect the blind side.  You'll be set for years to come.  The guy is a stud.  A lock.  He's going to be great.  And sure enough, he made the probowl all three of his first seasons.  But he wasn't protecting anyone, and we're already seeing the body breaking down.  He had that shoulder injury that probably should have curtailed last or this season.  He's had knee problems, and now back problems, and he tore his biceps.

And now at the end of year 4, we're talking about trading him.  If all you got out of the #1 overall pick was 4 years (even if 3 of them were great), would you consider that to be a wasted pick?

And one last thing: with only one game remaining this season, why did the fins even bother to put him on IR?  They've gone into games over the last few years with a roster spot open - why did they make a big deal of this?
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Trade Long?, what for?...

They need linemen and perimeter, and also they almost always lose in trades... trade Henne instead


Trade him for....whatever you can get (I assume)

Can't trade henne. He's a free agent. They would have to sign him first.