Monday, December 12, 2011

Time to reflect - and speak my mind

During the offseason embarrassment, I made a lot of comments. I made
fun of it all, and made up nicknames for all of the major players.
and in another comment, I made reference to them being the three
stooges (,
oh and by the way, see the picture I posted before Bill left here:

I went on to say that Sparano was a "lame duck"
( this
season, owing to the sham and his signing a contract extension. I
fully expected he would be fired, and the dolphins would underperform.

I called them a joke and said they had to earn my respect
and then finally I said they had to win 11 games - and laid out my
expectations (

And here we are. They will finish no better than 7-9, and
realistically will probably lose at least 2 of their last 3. The
Bootin' Bull will almost certainly be gone. The furious enigma, who
knows? Schmoe Montana already has both feet out the door. And Cap'n
Izzy remains here.

And that means its open season. Here goes - Cap'n Izzy, your team is
a fraud. All that crap in January did nothing but prolong the
inevitable. It wasted an entire season, and drove fans away (they
wanted the team to succeed - look at how they clung to the absurd
belief that after 0-7 they could make the playoffs, then finish 8-8;
they were still fans). In the end, though, a lockout would have been
a better alternative. You couldn't possibly be considering
"tinkering" with your team, could you? This team is a joke, a joke
perpetrated by you, and in turn on you.

Tony managed to keep the otherwise forgettable players together, and
they were playing hard and saying the right things because they're
paid professionals. They always want to win - and meet any incentives
in their contract. But Sunday, much like week 1 against the Pats,
showed just how far away this team is. In week 1, the Pats toyed with
the Fins. Yesterday, the talent on the Eagles was too much. Its
crazy - there's not enough coaching, and there isn't enough talent or

You still haven't earned any respect from me - and its going to be
harder to get it now. Thing is, when it comes to football, I am a
passionate fan with a long memory. I despise Nick Saban and Bill
Parcells. I didn't like what JJ did here, and Dave letting Welker get
away - to the Patriots for the love of Pete! - is still something to
be annoyed about. Its going to take A LOT to reel me back in. And
telling me "we're close on personnel" isn't going to cut it with me.

Nope its time for wholesale changes. Shake everything up. You *need*
a coach who is brash and not afraid to speak up once in a while (I
don't want anymore of "well, we believed in ourselves, and when it was
26-7, and we got that field goal wow did we think we were on our way
to a comeback." That's crap.) You need to let players speak their
minds. You need to stop shutting fans down. Make the team feel
accessible. And you need a little star power ON THE FIELD. Get a QB
with charisma, whoever that is. Please let me hear about a prima dona
receiver who says "throw me the damn ball" - at least I'll know he

This is utter nonsense - and I'm so glad I stayed true to what I said
- I bought no merchandise, no tickets, nothing. But I consumed the
product when I felt like it, and continued to speak my mind.

What an embarrassment this franchise has become.
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You've had trouble speaking your mind before?


Ha. Yeah, I was being shy.


I was going to post the same thing, Mr. Dave having trouble speaking (or writing) his mind? Nah.

I'm glad you pointed out the field goal - with essentially nothing to lose the guy goes for a FG rather than try to get a TD - that one play epitomizes why Sparano will be unemployed very soon.