Saturday, December 10, 2011

Things are looking up? (reader comments)

One of my readers wrote:

> These fins, unlike any fins team in the last 10 years, is actually very close to greatness. If they keep their core players, draft a good QB and don't waste money on a short-term bromide like Manning or do something stupid like get rid of Sparano, they will go to at lest 2 rounds deep into next years playoffs

Which makes me wonder what in the world is going on in with dol-fans. Look, I know hope springs eternal and we have seen some good play overall the last few weeks.

But that is not enough to overcome 0-7 nor the mediocre teams that have been out there the last few seasons. And please save your breath when you talk about how the lockout affected this team. It affected all teams equally and Miami was among the worst teams at the start. That's bad coaching, bad luck, or whatever. And nothing more.

I remind everyone that the rules have changed and next offseason there will be fewer workouts and less team activity. It's the new world of the nfl. Get used to it; don't use it as an excuse!!

I still say Tony and Jeff MUST go. End of story.

Close to greatness ??!!


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