Sunday, December 11, 2011

That's a wrap

Much like the season itself, the fins had a much better 2nd half than first one. Heck, they even out scored the eagles 3-2 after the break.

But. They showed how much difference there is in talent level between themselves and what is pretty much considered to be one of the most talented teams (player for player) in the league.

And speaking of that, the fins also showed how little depth they have. Jp Losman is no Matt Moore. And losing two linemen didn't help.

I heard Sam madison say that the injuries are the reason the team lost. I don't think so. They are just not quite good enough.

On JTs two sacks: kudos to him on moving up the list with two sacks on the day. Still, I have to temper that with the simple fact that on sack one, Vick slipped and JT was the recipient of relative good fortune. And on the second one, it was about generally good position. He had no shot at Vick, but one of his teammates (Odrick?) forced Vick up into JT. A sack is a sack of course and they're never "easy" but overall his play was in the neighborhood of average. Hey just my two cents.
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