Saturday, December 24, 2011

That was odd.

I watched a fair amount of this game (hey, its Christmas eve, and I'm just sitting on my couch anyway!)...the first half was strange.  Not so much because Miami took the lead, but more because Tom Brady looked completely off.  Maybe he stayed up all night with his son.  Maybe his wife is making him take out the garbage.  Who knows?  So it was 17-0 and he was not the player we've come to expect.
And then came the second half.  Miami did a lot of things right - much as they had in the first half - but Brady suddenly looked in control.  And the net result was that the Pats mounted a comeback to win.
So I was wrong that the Pats would blow out the Fins; nevertheless they won.  And Gronkowski had another big day.
Ho hum.
Now please join me back in reality where the Fins need a coach, a QB, and a GM.  We don't have any of those things.
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Am I glad I spent the day with my kids in the park. No phone just fun and sun. Season's over, I think I'll spend next weekend the same way...