Saturday, December 24, 2011


To quote Mr. T from one of the Rocky movies "Paiiiin"

Some people think this will be a close game.  Me?  Not so much.  I'm going Patriots 35, Dolphins 17.

Even though the "Sparano factor" (ie, that Bellichick would always find ways to beat the guy who embarrassed him) is no more - I still think the Patriots will find ways to shut down Miami's run game, and contain the pass.  Meanwhile Brady will have his usual kind of day.  I see Gronkowski and Hernandez coming in with about 10 passes each.
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Seriously, you really need to take a break from blogging about the Dolphins. I've been reading your stuff for quite awhile and I've even read all your excuses for having the attitude that you have towards this team, and I think getting out of the pool is your best option.
This team obviously brings you no enjoyment whatsoever so wouldn't it be wiser to step back a little and quit immersing yourself in Miami Dolphins minutiae?? In reality your opinions or attitude are never going to change a thing. So instead of constantly being angry and constantly spewing your negativity into the universe, why not give yourself a break and step away.
Unless of course, you're some sort of masochist who enjoys that anger, then more power to you.


You are right; my "negativity" isn't doing any good.

But everyone else's positive approach isn't doing much good either.

I happen to be speaking the truth. And with ownership this inept and management this bad it's funny how my opinion comes off as negative. Even though it happens to be right more of the time than not.


You're right, not one single fan's opinions are worth the paper I use to clean my ass ..that was kinda my point anyway.
My main point was this though, stop torturing yourself. Step back. Take a breather. Try and remember what is was like before the internet, before every meaningless quite or action was life and death to you. I think that is this case, ignorance could bring bliss...or hope...or at least bring back the wonder and feelings from why you became a fan in the first place...Information overload kills the enjoyment of just being a fan.
I know from experiencing the same thing and doing exactly what I'm telling you. Reading other fans opinions about the team, about draft picks, about management is a huge waste of time. There are maybe no more meaningless words ever written.
Stop being angry all the time and maybe you'll find some reason to be a fan again.