Friday, December 09, 2011

Oh now they'll go to the Super Bowl

The story goes that JT is weighing a return to the fins in 2012. Yeah that's great. Because the fins need another over-the-hill underperformer next season
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I rarely read non-journalist bloggers because they usually run on emotions and not facts, and this comment was no exception. JT is a reserve player who is still making significant contributions to the phins D. He's still a leader both on the field and off. True, he's not a playmaker anymore, but he played a significant role in containing and harassing Palmer last week. It would help if armchair coaches would actually watch games. These fins, unlike any fins team in the last 10 years, is actually very close to greatness. If they keep their core players, draft a good QB and don't waste money on a short-term bromide like Manning or do something stupid like get rid of Sparano, they will go to at lest 2 rounds deep into next years playoffs


Close to greatness? A team with only one real pro bowl player, a marginal offensive line, an inconsistent secondary, questionable coaching, a suspect scouting staff that supports a GM who poaches players from the same team over-and-over, and an owner more interested in celebrity than football. Sure, we're close.


Good call Jose. As many of you know, I believe this team is bereft of talent. Yes they are overachieving.

And at 4-8 they are dangerous, playing a game that we probably would never see if they were 6-6 or something. I suspect in that case tony would revert to the old conservative approach.