Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My short list of coaches

Cap'n Izzy Firepants wants 3 things: (1) a big name that will put butts in seats, (b) a guy who can work with Jeff Ireland, and (iii) someone with experience.

I've heard some names batted around, so let's see what the dealie-o is:

Bill Cowher: If Jeff Ireland remains in place, I have trouble believing Cowher would want to come here.  He would want control over at least some aspect of the team.  Besides with other openings likely, he'll have his pick of some "good situations."  [So, no based on B]

John Gruden: He's a bit of a big ego, and like Cowher would want some say on the team.  I have my doubts about how well he'd get along.  [possibly]

Jeff Fisher: this might be the smartest hire among bigger names.  I suspect he would cede personnel control to Ireland.  He's a solid coach. [likely]

Brian Billick: the guy was an offensive minded coach who assembled what might be the greatest defense in NFL history.  I generally like the guy, but I'm not sold on his ability to coach - look at why he was fired...he wasn't keeping the team motivated. [No, based on 1]

Andy Reid (if he gets fired): this guy is over rated, and clearly his 9 playoff years are behind him.   Plus his demeanor is like Tony's.  While the name might put butts in seats, I think the performance will be lacking [possibly]

Les Miles (if Ross wants to go the college route): if Ross were to go after a very successful LSU coach, I would think people would say WTF?  Is this deja vue?  He's talented, and may win a championship, but has limited pro experience. [no based on iii]

Rob Ryan: As I've said before, this is the smart choice.  The guy is an up-and-comer, is brash, and would likely put fans in seats - if only to see his reaction to the world.  And it would tweak his brother in NY, which isn't a bad thing. [probably not, based on iii]

And I've heard talk about David Shula.  While the name is inspiring and he is kind of "the next Don Shula," Dave had his turn at coaching and now runs a successful business.  Don't rule him out, but don't count him in either. [dark horse?]

There may be others, but they generally don't fit the first one - big name.

So it seems to me that Jeff Fisher is the guy who most fits what Ross wants.

Oh and lest I forget, here's an article Jason Cole did a few weeks ago on coaching: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=jc-cole_2012_nfl_coaching_candidates_111011
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Another name occurred to me: Brian Schottenheimer. Brian is the son of long-time KC coach Marty, and obviously has connections to Peterson and Ireland. He's currently NYs offensive coordinator.

While he doesn't have the "wow" factor, don't rule him out. He would be my #2 candidate behind Fisher.