Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Key Match-Up To Watch For

First of all hello, this is my first post here and I was one of the people who emailed Dave about being interested in blogging for this site. I am really looking forward to sharing my thoughts with everyone and I hope you enjoy my first post.

There are many match-ups to watch for today, such as the Dolphins secondary VS the Patriots Wrs or the Dolphins LBs VS the Patriots TEs, but none is bigger than the Dolphins D-Line VS the Patriots O-Line. When you look at the teams that have beaten the Patriots this season two of the three, the Giants and Steelers, have been able to get to Brady by only sending 4 and letting 7 drop in coverage. As much as people like to say that Brady is as cool as it gets during the game, he gets rattled easily when the pressure is on him. However Brady is really good at picking up the blitz and can hit his hot read and let them do the work, so the blueprint to beating the Patriots and Tom Brady is getting to the QB with only 4. So I believe if Wake has a big day so will the Dolphins.
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