Friday, December 02, 2011

A giveaway?

I saw that the Fins are pimping tickets to the Nat Moore BBQ Bash before the Raiders game, with a chance to win seats on a fighter jet for the game flyover.

Okay, I'm trying to figure that out.  The flyover happens just before kickoff.  The BBQ goes on for 2 hours before kickoff.  So assuming you won, you would have to leave the BBQ less than hour in, and you would get back about 1/3 way through the second quarter.  

Essentially, you would miss the BBQ (the reason you'd be buying the ticket) and a segment of the game (the reason you're heading out to the stadium).

But then, considering how well the Dolphins have played for 11 weeks, missing the game may not be the worst thing.  

And that's a pretty good prize, isn't it?  Not having to watch the game!
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The flyover sounds better than either the BBQ and game to me. I BBQ pretty good at home and well the Phins haven't got anything to play for but pride. So yeah, let me do the flyover - no complains here.