Monday, December 12, 2011

The future of the team

Armando at the herald reports that Sparano will be gone and Ireland likely will be staying because Ross thinks the personnel are good, but underachieving.

My sources tell a slightly different tale. Ross is leaning to firing Sparano, but still hasn't decided about Ireland. At least in part it depends on what coaches are available (and how many have been fired), and how well he perceives they would work with Jeff/how much personnel control the new guy would get.

It's also possible that Jeff may be essentially demoted from his current role.
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Dave - Although I take no pleasure in a man losing his livelihood, the business of football demands results and Tony hasn't produced. The same can be said of Ireland. I can only hope - really hope - Armando is wrong and your sources are correct. The idea that the owner keeps either at the end of season seem counterproductive considering that Ireland should and must shoulder part of the blame for the teams poor performance and outputs.