Monday, December 05, 2011

Enthusiastic? Yeah, no

Okay, I'll grant you that maybe this team is better than it appeared when they started 0-7.  And Sparano has done a nice job of keeping the team together through it all.  And maybe he gets consideration for coach of the year.

But facts are facts.  In his tenure, the team went 11-5 (with Pennington single-handedly winning 3-4 games; otherwise the team would have been 7-9 or 8-8), then went 7-9, 7-9, and now can do no better than 8-8.

They've been slow starters.  They've let leads go.  They're erratic.  They're inconsistent.  And IMHO they are not *that* good.  

So the great debate over the last 4 weeks rolls on: do we need a new coach, a new GM, and new QB?  4 weeks ago the answers were yes, yes, and Hell YES!  

What we think doesn't matter - only the opinion of the owner matters.  And we'll see in a few weeks what he thinks.

Either way, there will be an outcry, I'm sure of it.

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Your totally right his tenure tells it all. There will be an outcry if Spo and or Ireland isn't let go. If Ireland does stay and he continues to bring in cowboy retreads, more de, or doesn't draft a top tier qb, a receiving te, or s; then this team will continue to be bottom dwellers for many years.


Couldn't disagree with you more. I believe we finally have the talent we have lacked. TS has righted this sinking ship and should be given one more year to see how far he can take this team. I agree that his tenure has been suspect but he seems to have turned things around and with the drafting of a quality QB, this team could be great. I believe our offense is a top tier offense and our D is playing great again. The lockout severely screwed the Phins and with more prep, this team would not have started out that bad. Sporano has earned one more year.


No Luck for the Dolphins! Just another sub .500 team in 2012 is on the horizon! It's not the Coach, but he needs fired as well; it's the front office, and the owner. The moves the Dolphins have made post Shula/Robbie have sunk the Dolphins into the current state of funk. Once a proud franchise with a winning tradition has now become a middle of the pack team. The top 2 indicators of this: 1. The Dolphins have never beaten the expansion team, or the current improved Houston Texans. 2. The inability to find a starting caliber QB since Marino which is a prime example that the people running the team are buffoons when it comes to assessing talent! I’ve watched this go on long enough supporting the team always hoping they can figure it out. I’ll always be a fan of the team, but I will not buy another ticket, jersey, hat, fathead, est. to support this team unless it has Super bowl champs written on it.