Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Drew Brees and the passing record

A couple of quick takes on Brees breaking Marino's single-season passing record:

(1) Congrats to Drew Brees for being the guy. He's a very good QB, humble, and a nice guy. If anyone takes it, better him than say Tom Brady

(2) Its remarkable that the record stood for this long (since 1984), but it goes to show just how good Marino was.  Especially considering how all the rule changes have had an impact on the game to help more recent QBs.   He was way ahead of his time.  I went to a number of games in that '84 season, and it was incomprehensible how good his passing was.

(3) can you imagine the "what if?" .... little Nicky was trying to decide between Culpepper and Brees.  Brees *really wanted* to come to Miami.  He told friends, family, and reporters (off the record) he thought it was a done deal.  Then Nick decided the shoulder was too much of a risk, asked for another "doctor's" (for all we know it was a guy with a PhD or a witch doctor or something) opinion.  Then, he took Culpepper and told a stunned Brees "no thanks"....what a wanker!   So can you imagine if Brees broke the record here?

-- Of course, on point 3, the Dolphins couldn't possibly do something smart.  They haven't since about 2000.  And even if they had, it would have turned out badly.  We would have an inept OC or something, and everyone would have said "why didn't we sign Culpepper?"
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