Thursday, December 15, 2011

A couple of notes

I've heard several players say they want to "win out for Sparano" -- look, I know there's loyalty to coaches, and players loved Sparano.  But really?  Really?

Next is the topic of Carl Peterson.  He may be the next VP, or maybe not.  And I hear talk about him "maybe coming to the Dolphins."  My issue here is slightly semantics.  He ALREADY WORKS FOR THE DOLPHINS.  He is on the "business side" (I'll get back to that in a minute), helping with stadium usage and operations and he is the guy who "sells" FanVision. a sense him denying whether he might come is nonsense because he is already here, and it would be a role change for him.

Now as to business and football - this is soooo weird. Football is the Parcells world, with Ireland, Sparano, coaching, training, and players.  Business is anything else.  Mike Dee runs most of the business side - except for where the niche is for Peterson.  And the twain shall never meet.  And apparently don't talk much either. I heard about some flap where business wanted to do some holiday videos with players, as a promotional tool.  Football said no and that was that.  How can you run an operation like that?

And finally I heard Todd "I have no nickname yet, but players say they've never heard me say two words" Bowles say that Matt Moore is being tested, but they are classifying his injury as a neck/head injury.  WTF?  Why isn't it a concussion?  And why is the league so afraid of concussions?  A week or so ago, Colt McCoy suffered a blow to the head in a game, and wasn't tested and continued to play that game and another game - and it turns out he had a concussion, and should not have been cleared to play under the new rules.  I suspect that Moore has a concussion, but in the macho world of football, you can't say that!
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