Monday, December 12, 2011

The big question

Dan Lebatard posed the question this afternoon: why now?

And I've been thinking about it a lot. There are 3 weeks left. You
almost fired the guy in January. You could have fired him at 0-7, or
after the loss to the Cowboys.

There must be some significance to the timing. But why not?

Why not wait for the final gun to sound against the Jets.

You told us earlier there was nothing to gain by firing in-season.

So why did you do it now?

Its weird, isn't it?

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Think it was one of timing due to KC's move earlier in the day. Ross wouldn't again speak to a potential hire with Sparano still in place.

Jax wasn't a concern as they're really up the sh&t creek plus nobody has a handle on the new owner yet. Plus according to Brian Billick the Jags are looking for someone young & cheap.

Adding KC to the mix however gets the clock ticking. Scott Poili is from the Parcells tree so it's conceivable they could be looking at the same type of coach & staff that the Fins would be interested in.

Finally it could be that after 0-7, Ross was finished with Sparano and by willing 4 out of 5 prior to the Philly game plus with media talk of Sparano getting a chance to stay if he wins out may have given him the willies. So the first chance he had, the Philly drubbing, was all he was waiting for to cut him loose.

Then again I may be wrong about all of this........