Sunday, December 25, 2011

10 most absurd Dolphins moments

I thought I would provide you with what I think are the 10 most absurd
Dolphins moments over the last 15 years:

10. Parcells not talking to the media while he ran this football team
9. Trading too much to get Ricky Williams, then Ricky quitting on
Dave, then coming back for Nick.
8. The 62-7 loss to the Jags in the playoffs
7. "We got a shot. We got a chance to be something special."-- Jimmy
6. Cam's infamous quotes: "I want them to fail forward, fast" and
"We drafted the Ginn family"
5. Wanny getting flustered at a press conference and saying "What do
you want me to do?"
4. Dan Marinos 2ish weeks as the VP of football operations
3. The interplay between Jimmy and Danny. Jimmy took away audibles,
and wanted to trade Danny; but Danny was getting special treatment,
like flying on Wayne's private jet to away games.
2. Anything Nick did in his two years (whether it was berating
someone, telling people what they wanted to hear, or trying to throw a
challenge flag), but for its sheer audacity "I'm not going to Alabama"
-- and then informing his staff he was already gone, by text message.
1. The sham that was last January. Ross openly courted Jim Harbaugh
while Sparano was still employed

Short. Sweet. To the point. That's the beauty Dave's iPhone.

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#1 is weak, Parcels being a db should be higher as well as 62-7... It appears that everything that went wrong for us was due to accountability.


I would argue that #1 is the reason that the fins are sitting at 5 wins - this season was a complete waste.

But your point is well taken. Maybe the order could be different.

Now as for the connection between them, your observation is spot on.