Monday, November 28, 2011


I've heard several people talk recently about how the Dolphins are prepared to play "spoiler" to other teams in their last 5 games.

Okay, I'm confused by this. 

Why?  Because there's nothing to spoil. 

There are 5 games left, and here's how they stack up:
The Patriots - they win the division, hands down. Can't do much there.
The Jets - maybe, just maybe, Miami could eliminate the Jets.  But if the Jets lose just one other game, its irrelevant. And even if they were to win out, its still a long shot for the Jets to make the playoffs.
The Raiders - they lead their division, and are in the mix for the wildcard if Denver catches up to them.  And a loss to Miami probably doesn't change anything
The Eagles - they are going nowhere; no chance to affect them
The Bills - same as the Eagles

So, I would argue there's nothing to "spoil"
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They spoiled MY SEASON, I think that was enough.