Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Sorry, that's just idiotic

We have officially run out of things to say about this lame-ass team.

Yup its true.  Just look at the press conference today when Tony Sparano says that the losing started when he shaved his goatee, so he's growing it back.

Just go ahead and fire the guy for making an asinine statement.  Sheesh.

I loved hearing Rob Ryan be accountable because he didn't produce a good enough defense last week against the Eagles.  I liked hearing John Fox and his honesty in talking about growing around Tim Tebow (he was somewhat candid).  

That stuff holds some weight.  His goatee?  Really?

Oh, and while I'm on the topic - fat lot of good being secretive has done for this team, isn't it?  Sure wouldn't want anyone to know we don't have any offensive weapons.  Heck if they knew that, we might be 0-7.  Oh wait, we are.
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Dave - I feel and understand your frustration. I am comforted however knowing the Meatball is keeping the seat warm for the next guy. Now, what to do about that idiot-Ireland, that's what has me even more concerned...