Sunday, November 06, 2011

so let's see - woohoo?

The way I see it, its really hard to lose all of your games. Sure its been done twice, but it's not exactly easy.

And yes, the Dolphins are probably a better team that their 0-7 record suggests.

And of course you could always turn to the adage "every dog has his day"

So the Dolphins scored 31 points, and beat the Chiefs in Kansas City. Good for them. I watched a little of the game in the second half, and what I saw was a bad Chiefs team - probably over confident, possibly still on the high from beating the Chargers Monday night.

Still - this is the NFL and a wins a win.... Its just hard to get too excited about it, because they only got to 1-7. Yipee.

I think I'm more excited that they are half way through this waste of a season.
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Although I am happy as a fan, it's nice to know we have at least one win, I still find it hard to believe this team will go on and win the next 8 games.