Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A perspective

My middle-school aged son - the one who enjoys watching good games and his fantasy players - wanted to express his feelings about the dolphins. 

So it looks like we have a new writer. For now we will call him "bitchin junior". 

I welcome his first article and it's point of view. His writing style may need a little work, though, so I'm not quite ready to hand over the keys to the site. ;)

The Dolphins may have just won their first game, but dark skies are still ahead.  The reason being, if the Dolphins don't even win another game, the chances are the Colts get draft pick #1.  However, that isn't all.  Andrew Luck isn't everything at stake here.  It is the Dolphins coach, Tony Sparano, because if the Dolphins manage to win five games, he'll stay.

Also, Steven Ross isn't doing enough, either.  You start to go through the Dolphins team, you see guys needed to be traded away.  Such as Jason Taylor, Reggie Bush, Brandon Marshall, Kevin Burnett, Mike Pouncey, and Jake Long.  Maybe even Cameron Wake, because the truth is the Dolphins are not good enough.

The Dolphins can get some value, maybe some draft picks, and young players.  Why?  The Dolphins need to build a team that will succeed in the future, not today.

I remember sitting on the couch with my dad the day Chad was drafted.  You can guess which Chad.  I said "If the Dolphins pick him up, they turn themselves around, toward doomed.  I used to make fun of Cleo Lemon, now I would worship him.  If the Dolphins don't switch, the next time you will see a good team will be 2046, or so it seems.  The Dolphins also need a new QB.

So the bottom line is the Dolphins suck and need to play for a team of tomorrow.  I wrote my first song and it goes like this: "Miami has the Dolphins, an awful football team.  The lose the ball and never score, and make everyone scream.  It might not be with delight, but that's why everyone knew the team, and that's why when you say Miami, you give everyone the creeps.  Miami bad sins, Miami bad sins.  Miami bad sins are the worst."
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