Sunday, November 13, 2011

Not losing is pretty cool

It came down to the wire.  There was no winner an hour into the final period, and time was ticking down, until finally a victor was announced.

Just what is Dave talking about?  Its definitely not the Dolphins game.  I didn't have time for that - and as I told you a couple of weeks ago, I don't care about the team right now, anyway.

And I didn't have time because?  I was busy doing the Herald Hunt (, only THE most awesome event - which is the brainchild of Dave Barry and happens somewhere in Miami one fall Sunday each year.  And this year, it was today.  It was glorious. 

There are 5 vexing yet fun puzzles to solve that lead to a final puzzle.  My team got 4 of the 5 puzzles, and we were trying to figure out the last one when Dave announced the 6th and final puzzle. 

And we were stumped.  But, we were in luck as no one solved it in the next we still had a chance.  And it was the first time NO ONE solved the final puzzle.  So, he started giving us the solutions and that's when someone finally figured it out.

It was tricky, and people booed, but man what a blast! 

For those of you have followed my blog for a while, you know this is an annual event for me.  But usually I tivo the dolphins game.  This time, I chose not to.  So when I got in my car around 4:30, I heard the phins had won.  And as I said last week: yipee?

I have no real clue about how they did, or how the Redskins played.  But what difference does it make?

So there's my look at the game for this week.  Whatever.
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