Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Mid-season report card

Normally, at this time, in this space, I relive the season so far, and present to you the mid-season report card.  But the problem is there is so much bad, and one game of relative good.  The "best game" is obvious while the worst game is a crapshoot.

There is no MVP.  I can't talk about best at position.  There just isn't anything to draw on.

But there is a wanker of the midseason, and that has to be Vontae.  As I said in another post, the guy simply hasn't been playing - and this after saying he believed he was part of the best defensive backfield in the NFL.  He promotes himself and then grossly underperforms - that is the very definition of wanker!

But there are tons of other guys who deserve recognition: Marshall, Columbo, JT, Y Bell, and Clyde Gates top my list. 

At 1-7, they are pathetic, but I listened to maybe 5 minutes of the Dolphin-produced-and-therefore-its-totally-asinine "Finsiders" show (while the station I was listening to was at a commercial; and before I threw up), and they said it "we've been in every game, so there's hope, and no reason why they couldn't go 9-7 on the year!"  And that just makes matters worse.  I know, you have to keep fans interested, but really?

Ugh.  Sure, you only lost to the Broncos by 3, but the team imploded at the end. And that's kind of the same thing that happened against the Giants. There never was a chance against the Patriots, Jets, or Chargers.  An inept, lackluster performance against the Texans and Browns.  That's not being in every game.  I just don't see that hope, or share that optimism.
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Completely disappointed in Davis - he's now a schmuck. Everybody's so happy with the win (and I am too) but one win doesn't just simply erase the stink from last 10 losses...