Sunday, November 13, 2011

the logic is flawed

Jared Odrick said of his alma mater (Penn State):
 "It's unfortunate what's going on up there, but we're on the mend. Our heart goes out to the victims and also to those it affects negatively who don't deserve to be affected, like the players and obviously the families and victims, but also the university, too.
"A lot of people didn't have any involvement in that, and now people want to try to tarnish something that's too good to be tarnished. A lot of Penn Staters believe in that school, and so do I. Things are going to get resolved up there and things will get back to normal soon enough."

 I have a problem with this, and its the mindset of the football team - there and in other settings - that football is all-important and that somehow it transcends the rest of the world.  

What happened at the university is nothing short of criminal, and clearly there was a "lack of institutional control"....the department of education and the justice department are looking into it.  Which means its much larger than anyone might have thought.

And since it went on for years, "normal" would imply that things just continue on, blind eye and all.

Also, there's the offhanded nature of saying "of course the victims" - frankly they are all that matter.  And I wouldn't have a problem with shutting down the football program, or the school, if the problems run that deep. 
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