Sunday, November 20, 2011

That's greeeaaaat

Live it up dolfans. The fins went out and dominated the bills and now are 3-7.

Good for them and I'm sure they are proud of their accomplishment. But I can't get excited about it.

Why? Because I'm insulted that they started 0-7 and are suddenly playing good football. Where the Frick wad this effort when it still mattered?

And don't give me none of the Jibba Jabba about them still "having a chance". That's stupid, and also insulting.

Sure, I'm kinda happy that they won. But you just can't mask the stench around this team.

And I'm sure tomorrow the talk will be about their great game - and I already heard a talkshow host talking about the great job matt Moore and Tony Sparano are doing. At caramba!

Anyway it is what it is.

My wanker of the week is kicker Dan Carpenter. Dude gets a mysterious injury and they have to sign another kicker. You're a kicker. Injured?
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I'm happy too, but boy am I confused to wonder what the heck will happen with the season and off-season for that matter...