Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Joe Pa and Penn State

Look this has nothing really to do with the Dolphins.  But I have known a number of people who worked for, went to school at, or played football for Penn State over the years.

And this whole story is shocking...and sad.

Mostly because of what happened to these boys, but to a lesser degree because of what football has become there, and we can assume in other places.  It would seem that this "family" of coaches and friends protected one another and did nothing to stop what was going on, in spite of the fact that they apparently knew about it.

And it happened with a coach who was essentially revered, even if he didn't actually do anything "wrong" makes you wonder what else goes on at large universities, or even the NFL - hopefully nothing quite this shocking or revolting, but I could imagine that much less major scandals could be going on and getting buried as well.

Hopefully, as a society we pay more attention to what's going on, and we can stop this sort of thing by questioning the world around us...
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