Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm a believer

Okay, I'm not much for people who wear religion on their sleeves (that's not to say I have any issues with people having a religion, I just prefer to be a personal thing).  And I never really thought much of the hype that follows Tim Tebow, while he was at Florida, or when he reached the NFL.

People come with flaws, and I'm sure he has some.

But, Dan Lebatard made a comment the other day that rings so true - to paraphrase - no matter what you say about Tim Tebow, its all true.  He can't throw an accurate pass. True. He can win games.  True.

And after watching his performance against the Jets last night, I'm sold.  I saw him play in college.  I watched a few of his early games.  I watched his comeback against the Fins, and attributed it to the Fins just being bad.  I watched the hilights of him beating down the Chiefs last week with only 2 completions (and running the triple option!).  And last night, I was sold.

The guy is just plain good.  He has good football smarts, can move, and simply can win games.

And that is what makes a good QB.
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