Thursday, November 03, 2011

How the Phins got to this state

Back in 1999, Marino retired, JJ stepped down, and Wanny stepped in.  He had a decent team - heck a great defense - but it would only last so long.

In 1999, the team went 9-7, and wound up with the 24th pick in the draft, but Dave traded out of the first round.
In 2000, they went 11-5, and wound up with the 26th pick
In 2001, again 11-5, and the Dolphins picked 25th, but they gave it up to get Ricky - in addition to the 2nd round pick
In 2002, it slipped to 9-7 and picked 18th - only they gave that pick away for Ricky as well
In 2003, they went 10-6, and and they picked 20th, but traded up to 19.
In 2004, 4-12 was the record, and it was the #2 overall pick
In '05, they got to 9-7, and the 16th pick
In '06, it was 6-10, and the 9th overall pick
And then '07, 1-15 and they picked #1
In '08, 11-5, and they got #25
In '09, 7-9, and they were at #12, but traded down to #28
And then of course, last year they were again 7-9, and got the #15 pick

So in the 12 year span, they picked in the top half of the draft 6 times!  And what do they have to show for that?  No hall of famers, few pro bowlers, heck few guys still on this team.  And of course, no QBs.

I also was curious about the score differential - the number of points scored by the Fins vs how many they gave up.
In 2000, they were +97 (meaning that they outscored their opponent by 97 points, by 6 points a game)
In '01 it was +54
In '02 it was +77
In '03 it was +50
Then in '04 it was -79
In '05 it was +1 (or essentially even)
In '06 it was -23
In '07 it was -170 (lost by an average of 10 points per game)
In '08 it was +28 (not surprisingly they went 11-5)
In '09, -30
and in '10, -60
And they are currently at -59

What does that tell me?  That they have been on a downward slide since Dave's tenure.  It's exacerbated by them not being able to select a player of note.
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To be fair, Jake Long is a very good player so he may be the one first rounder who turns out to be any good. The jury is out on Odrick and Pouncey.