Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Have we lost our collective minds?

A few weeks ago, we were all - the media, the fans, talk radio hosts - talking about how bad this team was.  How it was bereft of talent.  How the #1 overall pick was within our grasp.

And then the Fins go out and win two games, one at home (which hasn't happened since about 1956, or so it would seem), and the media and many fans start talking about the talent on this team.  How they're playing together.  How great they're doing.

And I just don't understand it.  This team has a few decent players on it., but "talent" is sorely lacking.  They managed to win two games, after losing 7.  They're going nowhere.  And the wins were against the god-awful Redskins and the Chiefs who lost to the legend of Tebow this week.

They are as bad as the '07 team.  The difference here is coaching.  Cam was awful.  The bootin' bull keeps them motivated and handles himself well in-game for the most part.

So net-net, I don't see that optimism.

As for the Redskins, I saw a few hilights, and the one thing I'd say to Vontae "I act like a pro when I'm in the mood" Davis and Karlos "I think I'm the best, but y'all know better" Dansby, is that I can't give you much credit.  My non-football-playing grandmother could have made either of those picks.  There was no pass rush, and Grossman threw a couple of bad balls.  In fact, I would argue that the Dolphins should have made more picks.  Their ineptitude showed through there.
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"This team has a few decent players on it., but "talent" is sorely lacking."

I think thats wrong. I think it was more players being out of shape combined with the coaches doing things different this year and taking it easier on the players + the lockout. Id also argue conservative play calling,especially at end of halves.

This team has always been an underachiever minus 2008.

I agree though, Chiefs and Redskins not the best measure for our first 2 wins of the season half way through the season


And besides. Reading people bitch all day about our team gets old. We already know we have been pretty bad this year. No point in kicking a dead horse. Lets play spoiler now, though im come to terms with not getting Luck already, after coming terms he was our. Sigh.

I will be pissed if Indy gets him. They dont deserve him and a team like that doesn't fann from Super Bowl contenders to 0-16 in 6 months.
Doesnt seem fair. If it was the Patriots people would be talking more about it being unfair.


What are some type of unknowlegeable writer out there just to start controversy? We do have talent on the Dolphins both on defense and offense. We never really had a shot at Luck anyway. With the new offensive co-ordinator, the strike, new talent, injuries etc. it just took time to jell. And NOT all fans,especially those who KNOW football were on the "Suck for Luck" bandwagon.


To be clear. I was never in the suck for luck camp. That was all bs.

And don't give me the crap about it taking time. That's loser-speak from a fanbase that wants for good things to happen.

Jeff Ireland assembled a bad team that LACKS talent. Yes they are playing adequately now, but come on: he had 4 years to put together a good team. And it's no better than 07.

Shame on the team for hiring a new coordinator during a lockout. For not aggressively pursuing a qb. For just settling.

And shame on the owner for letting it happen.


Not much has changed in dolphin land. We still don't have the talent to compete against the better teams. We do have the talent to compete with the lesser teams. It also helps that a few players have stood up and began to play (Dansby and Moore).

V Davis did nothing in this game, the WRs for the Redskins were open all day. If were not for their receiver falling down Davis would not have had the interception.

To many fans fell into the trap of thinking we could Suck for Luck and are bitter because now it won't happen. It was like not only do the dolphins stink, they don't stink enough to get the first pick. So now those fans are pissed off because of that !!! Dave your writing reflects that thinking.

This is not a good team, but it does have few players that can compete against most teams. The failure with the team still lies in the front office, coaching staff, and scouting dept. There is only one way to change that, and it is Boss Ross hands.


Rumors have Andy Reid on his way out in Philly. Given his consistent record of winning football games, and his ability to make Donovon McNabb look like a borderline Hall-of-Fame candidate, AJ Feely look like someone worth a 2nd round pick, and Jeff Garcia into Methusula, wouldn't he be a good choice to mentor our coming Quarterback-of-the-future?