Monday, November 21, 2011

Did he really just say that?

Brian Billick was on "the herd" today and was talking about Tony Sparano as a potential candidate for coach of the year.

That's crazy talk. Did he forget miami started off 0-7? Yes they are better. But c'mon man!
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While I doubt he will get coach of the year, I don't think the job he has done should be discounted.

It's difficult to keep a team on the right track after going 0-7. Sparano has.

On another note, our free agent pickups are starting to look good, and our draft picks are starting to contribute. Ireland is looking not so bad now either.


There's no excuse for why this team started 0-7, that falls squarely on the coach's head.

Before we decide to keep either guy, let's let the season finish and see where we stand at the end...