Thursday, November 24, 2011

Back to reality.

That was a fun, generally well played game. It could have gone either way and unfortunately did not go Miami's way. we know that Miami isn't quite what some thought they would be. They can do no better than average (8-8).

And that means the inane playoff talk can stop now. Please?

Interestingly when Miami scored its lone (!!! They are back to scoring field goals) TD, they decided to go for one. At the time I wondered why they didn't go for 2; and in the end that was the difference.
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Interestingly, leaving touchdowns on the field was the difference also. "Dead Zone" strikes again.


...Or the fumbled snap at the end of the half. This team doesn't have enough talent to win after making mistakes like that.


The difference between good QB and average QB is what they do once they get into the red zone. During the Green Bay game they showed a stat in which it said that AR12 in about 70 trips to the red zone he had about 60 plus TD, Moore in 4 trips 0 TD, thats why AR12 is an elite QB and MM8 is just average in the best scenario


Buddha - good thoughts. It could have been a combination of any of those, or maybe the defenses inability to get off the field when it mattered.

And Jose - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's enough to stop talk about Moore being "the answer" (unless we are talking backup qb)


Yes! Why didn't they go for two?! Just when I was warming up to the Meatball again, he pulls this crap. I'm officially done with this guy. I don't care if they win the rest of their games - the Meatball has to go...