Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Clarifying how I feel about the team

As I sometimes note, I do read my emails and the comments on the posts.

And as I read through some of them, I came to realize that my slant on things may be a little different than I generally intend.

I have been a little negative I freely admit. I intended to be a little more sarcastic, but that isn't happening as much as I'd like.

I still like the team - I want them to succeed. But the hole they dug was their own doing, and I am calling them out for it.

I never want them to all-out lose. And getting the #1 overall pick is the ultimate in bad (we came close once; it sucked!)

But when the team opens 0-7, the door opened on the possibility to getting an early pick and perhaps righting some of the old wrongs, it seemed okay with me.

And now they're winning. I'm on the fence about whether I think it's good or bad. I'd like to see them win. But what if they went 9-7? The team would get a middle of the pack pick. And what does steve Ross do?

I hope he does the right thing. And I'd like to think the next coach/gm would do the right thing - whatever it takes to act with conviction.

But history doesn't show this as the path.

And so I chip away at it. I really don't want them to lose. I just want them to finally turn the corner and get "better"

Now as for talent: a few weeks ago I looked position by position at the 22 starters. I don't believe these guys are any better - on the whole.

Since jeff churned the roster and there are only a handful of pre-jeff players on the roster, it's all on him.

So that's my story.

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To be honest I generally don't like your negativity, but we all feel frustrated and nobody truly wants to go 0fer or win 1 game. If you do, you truly aren't a real Dolphins fan. That said I thought of the possibility of going 9-7 yesterday as well. That scares me, because there is a big gap in talent on this team and truly Jeff Ireland can't evaluate talent regardless of what he says to the contrary.

Looking over roster here is my breakdown and thought.

QB: Its a no brainer we need a Franchise QB, Matt Moore has done admirable against less than stellar teams.

Reggie Bush starting to come on, but still Sproles would have been the better choice in the offseason.

Daniel Thomas is a rookie and has shown flashes

The rest of the RB are a wash!

B Marsh thought we gave up to much for him 2 seasons ago not a big fan

D Bess still has room to grow, but one of Parcells better finds

Clyde Gates is a rookie will hold judgement

The rest of the WR's are a wash

Clay is a rookie and has done some good things when healthy

Fasano never liked when when he was at Dallas still dont like him now not a true receiving seam threat #1

Rest of TE's a wash

Pouncey is a rookie and has play well and shows promise.

Long- not one of his better years but still light years ahead of everyone else on the line.

Garner a decent backup

The rest of the Oline a wash

Langford- avg at best
McDaniel- avg at best
Starks- consistency keyword
Merling- bust
Odrick- need more production but better than Merling

Burnett, Dansby, Wake only real LBs on roster
JT is up there but not the player he once was

The rest of the LB's a wash

V Davis- nowhere near Revis level like he said
Smith- avg
J Wilson- rookie so a pass
Carroll- played well 1st yr, has been on downward trend since

Rest of CBs a wash

Bell is only S worth mentioning, rest are a wash.

So in Draft/FA we need QB, TE, S help the most also G, DT.

So according to my breakdown the talent gap is huge and we only have a few in the upper tier.

If I had to choose between getting rid of Ireland or Sparano, Id choose Ireland but they both still have to go.