Friday, November 04, 2011

Andrew Luck

I had insomnia last night.  I had two of Stanford's games on my Tivo.  So, I flipped through the games and watched Luck play.

Now let me say that I think he is a very good QB, and one who shows a high "football IQ"...he seems to understand the game, and can motivate his team in various ways.

And he probably will be a very good - possibly elite - QB in the NFL.  But there are no guarantees. And while he looked good, he also has an amazing running game, appears to have a solid line protecting him, and has some good athletes in the receiving positions.  Plus, Stanford happens to play in the PAC-12, which has some good schools - but nothing of the caliber of the NFL.

Meaning, its hard to know how good he really is, and how he would play on a team that's lacking in some of the key areas.  Say you put him on the Dolphins with all their shortcomings.  I have to imagine he would struggle.  Learning the NFL game is tough.  Learning it with a team that's been "assembled" by a new coach is doubly tough.

The kid is being hailed as the great savior of any franchise.  I have my doubts about that distinction, and  wonder if he could live up to the expectation that comes with it.

Sure, Cam Newton stepped right in.  But Carolina was a decent team for years under John Fox.  And the new guy didn't have to rebuild.  He added Cam and a few pieces, and put Cam in a position to succeed.  Cam, in a way, was lucky.  Luck?  Probably not so much.  If he were to go to the Colts, he'd be joining an aging team that's on the downhill slope.  Maybe he gets lucky and Manning stays around a few more years as they rebuild.  Maybe he doesn't, and it would be a 'disaster' kind of like here.

So...don't hang your hopes on a single player.  He may be great, but he can't single-handedly bring the Fins back from the brink.
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I think it's YOU that's putting your hopes on one player bringing the Dolphins back from the brink. You could have written this article about any quaterback out there with zero pro experience. Most of us fans just want a young quaterback that the Phins can begin building around. If the Phins draft him, then start filling in the positions that help HIS game succeed. I dont drink the cool-aid on any one player, but he certainly has the most potential, that I've seen to succeed.


Jbone, fair point about it possibly being any QB.

But on the other point its not *me* putting my hopes on a player. As I've stated many times in the past, I don't care about the name - only that the coach believes in him and puts his trust in him.

This post was aimed at the "suck for luck" group (of which I want NO part). Calling this guy the next coming of Peyton Manning is not fair to him - or whatever franchise gets him.

I have also watched games from the other top prospects. I personally like some of them better. But that's my opinion.


The one good thing about this season (losing like the Phins are) is that there are plenty of good choices at QB. If not Luck, there's Landry and others. Hopefully, the one that the Phins end up with will turn out to be very good if not elite.