Monday, October 03, 2011

You know its going bad when...

The "upgrade" at linebacker (Kevin Burnett) stopped doing an interview to call out a reporter who wrote a not-too-nice article about him.

Really?  You're reading the paper and worrying about what people think/write about you?

How about covering your opponent, rather than caring about who covers you?

He told the reporter to 'quit hiding behind a computer and put on some pads.'  How about *you* put on some pads, Kevin?

Seriously, this team is ridonculous. 

And it just goes to show you that he must not read my blog.  Otherwise he'd be looking to try and sack me.  But he'd probably miss the tackle.  (ha ha)

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Kevin (the second coming of Crowder) Burnett. Please, another brain dead football player with nothing better than to physically intimidate someone who's probably smaller and weaker than him. Yeah, just the kind of LB we need...

How many times did they call his name yesterday?