Saturday, October 22, 2011

You BET your sweet bippy

I saw the article in the Herald this morning about Stephen Ross angling to get a casino (assuming the state approves them) on a site across from Joe Robbie Stadium, and I had a couple of immediate thoughts:
(1) Mr. Ross continues to call attention away from what should be important: winning football games.  He said in a statement he wanted to make the stadium a "destination"....a casino, frankly, is just embarassing.
(2) The NFL makes it clear that the team can have no ties to gambling.  But, in the article, its pointed out that Ross could create shell companies to distance the team
(3) they say he has all this land?  The bulk of it is the stadium and its parking lot.  20 acres are set aside for the water park (which I am starting to think is not really going to happen).  And a lot of the land is Indian burial ground, and it took a big effort just to get the stadium there in the first place
(4) there are those who think he's just out to "distract" - I don't know what that means, but since he still is angling for stadium improvements, I have no doubt that's part of it.
(5) And isn't the team a form of gambling anyway?  The house always wins, financially, and the dolphins always lose.
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You know, forget the coach, the GM, and the players, what we need is a new owner...sadly, that won't happen anytime soon.


I can't wait to buy this guy out! All I need is about Thirteen billion, two hundred and fifty million, seventy thousand, four hundred and ninty nine more dollars and he's outta here!!!!!