Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The word I'm looking for is "moribund"

It means "In terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigor"  and that's where we are at.

There doesn't seem to be a way out, does there?  Many coaches.  Many rosters.  Different owners.  Same results.

Seems to me there's only one thing left to do: We need to embrace the proud history of the franchise.  To make it fun and not about glitz and glamor.  Bringing out the statue of Joe Robbie was "nice." Offering up Mandich's name to the stadium's ring was nice (thought still hasn't been done).  But its not enough.  You've got to find a way to stop all the "bungling" (selling Jets jerseys in the team store?) and get fans excited about football again.

Yeah, the season is probably done - but there has to be a way to get it going.  Other than a public exorcism, I don't know what that is.  

Maybe its time to hire someone to be "the voice" of the franchise.  Don't leave it to Mike Dee or Stephen Ross.  Nope, make it someone fun and pasionate, maybe a former player or coach.  Don't make it all about the "company line," rather let him say things that still represent you but seem to be making a little more noise.  "Bill Parcells - you left us, good riddance!"  Or "We suck - no question about it - but we're going to get better!" 

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How about a new owner? I think the right person can turn things around (just look at NE.)