Monday, October 24, 2011

What a strange day...

Yesterday, I went to the game.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I didn't purchase tickets, so don't fret.  I am still holding my ground.


I was out there with Curt from, and Dave & Bob from  We had a nice time tailgating, then went into the stadium.  As we looked over the crowd, it was clear that it was a giant mélange of people: Dolphins fans, Gators fans, Tebow fans, Broncos fans, and a smattering of people who were none of the above (like the guy with the Packers jersey and cheesehead).  During warm-ups, there was a pretty good "TE-BOW!" chant going on…shortly followed by a "TEBOW SUCKS" chant.


We see Urban Myer chatting with Tebow.  How peculiar.


The first half was a dull affair.  I mean, 6-0?  And more punts than points or first downs?  It was fantastically boring.  There was this weird Gator celebration on the 3-year anniversary of their national championship, which included the Gator marching band on the field.  It was almost surreal.


The second half gets under way, and Tebow has done nothing.  He had 2 – yes TWO – yards passing at one point in the 3rd.  There's really not much happening here.  I actually find myself enjoying the fresh air and just sort of, well, nodding off isn't quite right, but I definitely lost interest in the game and was focused on whatever else was going on.


And enter the 4th quarter.  The Fins got their first TD of the 4th quarter all year.  It was a decent play that looked good as Fasano got in.  Then, inexplicably, Sparano went for 2.  Now he said afterward that every formula, card, the math, etc, all said he should go for 2 in that spot.  And that's why these cards are wrong.  One would have been the choice.  It would have made it 13-0, with a lot of time left.


The Dolphins later got a field goal to make it 15-0 with 6ish minutes left.  We heard that Steve Ross left his box because he wanted to head to the Dolphins locker room to celebrate the win.   Most of the fans, likewise, departed the stadium apparently confident that the Fins would take this one.  There was a stat shown that the Broncos hadn't been shut out since 1634 or something.


But there's this guy who has a legend – and according to the guy next to be, he's the favorite son of a deity – and he came to life.  He believed in himself and his team.  He got the ball and charged down the field to get a score.  And suddenly its 15-6.  Now again, I think the card is wrong.  It says you go for 1 here, and wait to get the 2 until your next score.  But I like to think differently.  Go for 2 while there's still time left so if you miss it, you still have time for possibly a last gasp to get a field goal.  Nevertheless, they take the 1 and its 15-7.


Steve Ross stops on the field, as he catches the score.  He can't believe it.  And he just "happens" to find Urban Meyer and they chat for the remainder of the game.


There was a collective groan from the crowd.  Like we'd just been punched in the gut.  They are still 8 points behind.  Surely they can't get an onside kick, score again,  and get a deuce – can they?  And Marlon Moore misplays the ball on the onsides kick.  The unraveling in this game has really begun.  I laugh aloud, but refuse to get emotional, because you know – you just KNOW – that the Fins will manage to pull defeat out of what seemed a certain victory.


Tim puts the team on his back and has a really nice completion down to the 2.  Then, it was an incredible play that saw him roll left and throw a screen right that got the score.  They have crawled their way back.  And he lines up for the 2-pointer.  I started laughing aloud again (which makes everyone turn and stare).  EVERYONE - and I mean everyone – was looking for the QB draw.  Except, apparently for the Dolphins defense.  Tebow scores to make it 15 each with 17 seconds left.


Miami gets a touchback and does the predictable thing.  They fall on the ball.  You are 0-5.  You are at home.  All you need is a score – any score – and its over.  Plus, you need to tell your team that you believe in them.  Give them a chance.  What's the worst that could happen?  A pick?  So what?


OT: Miami gets the ball, and I tell the guys that its going to end of a turnover.  I'm thinking pick-6.  The Fins go three and out.  The Broncos go 3 and out. Miami gets it back on about their own 40, and things are looking surprisingly good.  Only – these are the Dolphins.  Moore gets sacked.  Fumble.  Broncos ball on the 35ish.  A couple of plays later, and it's the long field goal for the win.


Steve Ross decides to just get in his helicopter and leave.  No comments, other than he's going out of town on Monday, so don't try and contact him.


And Miami is 0-6.  Its not unexpected, but the way it happened was.


Although the game sold out, I would guesstimate 40,000 in attendance.  There were A LOT of empty seats. 


So who's my wanker of the week?  How about a little love to Tony for his decisions.  In this case, you were playing a team as bad as you, and you should have worked really hard to win.  But you let them off the hook and lost.  I'm not saying that its all on him, but I had to wonder what a press conference after a win would be like….would it start "see I told you we'd get this thing turned around…" ?

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Based on the card, going for 2 is the correct choice mathematically speaking. I think it was the wrong choice because it was the beginning of the 4th quarter. If the touchdown had occurred in the second half of the 4th quarter, then I think it's the correct decision.

But that wasn't the truly bad decision. That wasn't why the Dolphins lost.

The reason the Dolphins lost was because they stopped pressuring Tebow. Tebow couldn't handle the pressure for 3 1/2 quarters. But because "the book" says to go prevent defense, the Dolphins did.

Same thing happened in Cleveland. The Dolphins, in both cases, played not to lose instead of playing to win. And in both cases, it came back to bite them.


As stated above, the 2 pt conversion try wasn't the reason the Dolphins lost. But I would be remiss if it wasn't mentioned what a TERRIBLE play call the conversion was.

Fade to the corner of the end zone passes are a nice conservative play when trying to score a touchdown. It usually mean either the wide receiver will catch it or no one will. But it's low percentage pass play. The exact type of play YOU DO NOT WANT to run on a 2 pt conversion where you only have one play to score.

On another note, a great breakdown of Denver's 2 point conversion is here.


In his weekly meeting with the press, Sparano said they were not in a prevent defense. And I think that makes matters worse!!


How many "Suck for Luck" signs were there? I saw a bunch of Tebow signs but I guess out of respect CBS didn't show the ones I was curious to see.


Surprisingly, I only saw one suck for luck sign, and the guys jersey.


Thanks for letting me know, I guess I was curious in a awful way, but curious nonetheless. I hate to say, but I would have expected more...I guess I'm on the SFL bandwagon, although I hope 1-15 gets him rather than 0-16, but after Sunday...


A buddy of mine said he saw two suck for luck signs, but did say they were small....

I think the fact that there were soooo many gators/tebow fans had something to do with it.

There were ALOT of Tebow signs


Dave - thanks as well. I wonder how many will be seen when the Skins come to Miami. Again, sorry to say, but I am curious as hell...sorry if that offends anyone.