Sunday, October 02, 2011

Watching today's game

I actually found myself hopeful that at least a few games will be blacked out this year.  Today was hard to watch, though I had it on for most of the afternoon.  I was in and out, took a nap, and watched some rugby.

But I watched intently as the Lions and Cowboys played, and switched over to the Houston-Pittsburgh tilt at times.  Those were some great, and very entertaining games.

Funny isn't it?  A few years ago, the Dolphins were always fun to watch and the Lions were bad.  Now the roles are totally reversed.  At least it provides a glimmer of hope - Miami can rebuild and get better!
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You know, I was doing the same thing, watching, grilling, back and forth, not really hopefully, just expecting they'd screw it up somehow and well, they did.

Not to put fuel on the fire, but all four teams you mentioned have good QBs...just saying...(Well, maybe 3 out of the four...) :)