Sunday, October 30, 2011

Today's game

I was out of town and not near a tv. So needless to say I didn't watch the game.

But I did check the score from time-to-time in the espn app.

Early on, when the dolphins had a bonafide lead, I will happily admit I was hoping for a giants comeback.

Does that make me a bad fan? I don't think so. Will it piss off Tony Fasano? I sure hope so.

See here's the thing: I absolutely want for the dolphins to have a losing record; I didn't want them to get on a sudden roll and have a big turnaround. I didn't want to hear Sparano say "we are getting this thing going".

And I definitely don't want there to be a chance that somehow, some way Sparano and Ireland are retained. A losing record should ensure that.

So here they are at 0-7. It would take a lot to finish with a winning record - so now I will move from rooting for the other team to win to simply being apathetic. Who cares who wins? And as we get even later in the season, I'll probably start rooting for the fins again.

Now let me be clear about something I've said before: I don't buy into suck for luck. I want a new qb. But it doesn't really matter the name on the jersey so long as the new coach believes in him to lead the team.

As for the staff, I have met Tony and like him. But it is time to move on, it seems clear. I've also met jeff. Him I'm not so keen on, and I do doubt his ability to find talent. Even so, I don't wish either any ill will - they are highly paid professionals and this is part of the job. Sometimes you get fired. Sometimes it's through no fault of your own.

And so it goes...
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