Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sparano has his house on the market?

There's a report floating around that Tony has put his house on the market.  And of course that means the end is nigh....right?

I mean its not quite like little Nicky - who was making his "I'm not going to Alabama" speech as the trucks were backing up to his house.

In a way, who cares if his house is for sale?  People move all the time.  I'd be curious if he is in the market for another house, too?

Given that pretty much everyone knows he's a goner, it would have been more interesting if we heard this BEFORE the season started...
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Exactly, everyone knows he's gone. The focus should now change to Ireland. When you stop and think about it, he owns a very large share of the blame.


Personally, I would take a look at buying his house. But only if Ireland is the real estate agent. Then I know I would get a good deal.


Good one Dolphins Ranter...