Saturday, October 01, 2011

Random thoughts

  • The Dolphins are struggling to sell tickets, and the owner claims he's "losing money" ... I am highly skeptical about that statement, because I have shown in the past that there is a revenue stream each and every year based on profit sharing - otherwise why would you own a team? Now, I might believe that he's still paying off the stadium construction debt (from H Waynes improvements), so there could be more burden. Or its also possible he's making less than before, so that's "losing" right?

  • I heard Brandon Marshall this week say things like "I need to focus." Really? After 8 weeks of doing your job (since the lockout ended), you need to actually focus on doing your job? No wonder this team has issues.

  • The dolphins obviously have a plethora of needs, so this week they signed....a running back. Where they are fairly deep. Woohoo! World Championship here we come! BTW, Daniel Thomas won't play this weekend (he's listed as "questionable" but didn't fly to San Diego, gee I wonder if he'll play).

  • Vontae Davis is out - again (he, too, didn't make the trip). I suspect the Chargers will put whoever their best receiver that's active (they have a lot of injuries) on Nolan Carroll and he'll have 200 yards receiving.

  • One of the local sports yak hosts was talking about LA as a destination for an NFL franchise (the consortium has gotten funding to build a new stadium, and they expect to be up and running in time for the 2013 season). He was wondering what it will be like for fans in a city whose team moves there (the NFL won't expand - they'll move). He reminded us that San Diego, Minnesota, and Jacksonville top the list of candidate teams. Then, he went on to talk about the Fins. Now the two thoughts weren't connected, but for a couple of moments I pondered the scenario that the Dolphins might be interested. See my first comment about losing money - what owner wouldn't at least consider the prospect of moving into the second-largest market? And it happens to have a corner on glitz and glamour - which is what Mr. Ross seems to be all about. Hey, I'm just saying. Just to be clear, its all speculation on my part

  • People have asked me what *I* think will happen this year with the Fins. I think Sparano will stay around for the entire season. But, I think - barring a miracle - he will be released at season end. Jeff Ireland will stay, because he's ingratiated himself with Mr. Ross. He even took the position of flying out to California during the courting of Harbaugh, in support of his boss and in conflict with his friend. He hasn't spent money this season, apparently following a mandate from Ross. And while the (lack of) talent falls on him, its part of the direction. He's doing what he's told, in a way.

  • On the topic of talent. Except maybe for QB, there are lots of guys who have what it takes to play at the NFL level. Granted, there are some who are superior to others, but there's enough talent to make up 32 decent teams. It comes down to whether you have the right mix of "better" players, have some cohesion, and whether you have a great QB.

  • Over the years, I said it was like 80% players, 10% luck, and 10% coaching that lead to success. But of that 80%, maybe 50% is the QB play. So if you don't have that, you've got NOTHING. The packers won it all last year with backups and who-dats because they had superior QB play.

  • The Dolphins might not be aligned with their coach anymore, and besides, his strategy of kicking field goals and playing defense hasn't really worked that well, so you've potentially lost that 10%, and for whatever reason luck has been a 'bad' for them. And that leaves the players. Without a QB, that's a lost cause. So, the odds are stacked against this team.
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    Excellent summary - welcome to the Dolphins Dark Ages...