Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Piling on

Time to throw together some random thoughts:

1) Tony Sparano gave up on the team before the half; they responded in kind by quitting on him in the second half.

2) Brandon Marshall saying he was going to get kicked out should have come with an asterisk: by the coaches for being inept

3) I think Mr. Ross should go ahead and clean house.  Fire all the coaches and the personnel department.  Replace them with a high school coaching staff.  Or let the players coach themselves.  Who cares about personnel moves?

4) How long before we hear the players say "we're playing for pride" - or worse when one of them gets into it with a coach in a team setting?

5) The Raiders traded for Carson Palmer today.  In your face, Dolphins fans!  Maybe they gave up too much, but at least they're attempting to remain competitive.

6) How exactly did the Lions become the Dolphins, and the Dolphins the Lions?

7) Its a good thing that the lockout forced the Dolphins to hire replacement players.  If this was the "real team" man would I be pissed!

8) Why not go ahead and simply release a host of players, from Brandon, to JT, to about a half dozen guys who are a total waste - since its obvious that you would never trade them (and didn't before the deadline, and couldn't get anything for them)

9) We hear that Mr. Ross took a piece of advice and hired at least one football guy to give him some advice.  That guy?  Eric Man-genius.  Hopefully, he's got more people we haven't heard about?

10) I ask the same question I asked last week: which team is worse, the 2007 team under Cam?  Or this one?
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