Sunday, October 02, 2011

OH and 4

Miami barely gets to 16 points.  I would argue that Hilliard's TD was wrong - he never broke the plane.  But I think the officials actually felt sorry for Miami and cut them a break.  (ha)

At various times, it looked tantilizingly close - as though the Fins might actually win.  But you knew that somehow, some way, they would manage to lose.  The team has everything at stake, and Tony remains true to himself and settles for field goals, rather than simply pressing on, and letting things play out.  The bootin' bull is nothing, if not consistent.

Wake had a sack and Ian Eagle was saying he's been a good player having 18 sacks in 20 games.  And that is an accomplishment.  But it actually hasn't done much good.  In that span, Miami only has a couple of wins.  Jason Taylor "started," but like the rest of the defense, his part was played by an actor, brought in from LA. (It was nice of Steve Ross to hire a busload of actors to play the fins, and let the players have the day off, wasn't it?)

And so comes the bye.  Maybe the owner cuts ties with Sparano.  Maybe not.

But I think its time to start up the discussion about the next head coach - and what QB prospect (and probably veteran QB) we'd like to see here next year. 

I personally am not big on retread coaches - please no Cowher or Gruden.  Instead give me a guy like Rob Ryan.  He's about as opposite to Sparano as I can imagine.  Where everything is a secret with Sparano; with Rob its all on the table.  And imagine how much fun the Jets games would be when he could tweak his brother.  Talk about creating a buzz!

Funny how we had one head coach here for 26 years, and really 4 QBs in that time.  And in the last 15 years, we've had 6 head coaches and a boatload of QBs (I think its 12?)

Ah well, 2012 is our year!!!
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Yes, the time has come to look ahead to next year. I'm in total agreement, as good as Cowher is, please no, and Gruden? Oh, God no! What we first need to do is find a quality GM. I thought Ireland was going to be that guy, but sadly he isn't. Although Tony will get fired by season's end (if not sooner) Ireland needs to follow him out the door.

I'm not as versed on who would be a good GM, so I'm more interested in knowing we'll have someone with some sense for quality players and an eye for talent to take over the job before I start pining over a coach. Just look at the elite teams today - NE and GB - both have excellent GMs (and front offices as well.) This is where it needs to start...


I have been saying for a while that Rob Ryan would be a great choice for head coach. He would really shake things up. Just think how much fun it would be to have Rob and Ryan in the same division.