Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Now we'll go 10-0!

Because we signed JP Losman!!!

Uhhhh, so it turns out that Sage Rosenfels' blood disorder had not cleared up, and he was still showing symptoms and had to be placed on the Non-Football Injury list. I'm not blaming the fins medical staff for this, because its not something they could test for - but, he was on the Giants' NFI list at the beginning of the season, so its not like he didn't have issues a few weeks ago...

Anyway, Losman isn't much, either.  He played with a bunch of teams and has been called "a head case" in his career.  He has more picks than TDs, and was out of football this season.  In other words, he's a perfect fit to potentially help arrange deck chairs on the titanic.
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