Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LIV nightclub

A few weeks ago, I was a guest in the nightclub at the stadium.

I mentioned there were lots of hot women there all dressed for club hopping, not for a football game.

What I neglected to mention was a conversation I had since then with a guy who is often hired to drive a bus. What bus? Why the bus that picks up the girls on south beach and drives them to the stadium to ensure that the club has the right look.

And it gets more interesting, since they apparently also bring in some club regulars (men and women) to help fill the place.

In other words what you see on the club is all a lie. The dolphins want you to believe all these people are paying $250 to see and be seen - and buy drinks. But most of them are there as guests.
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Wow, things only get better since Sunday... :)