Monday, October 03, 2011

I'm not sure what to make of Ross' comments

"[I'm] very disappointed, to put it mildly [about being 0-4] but Tony is the right coach and that the players believe in him."

"But certainly, we have to see better results."

"Everybody involved with this team – the players, the coaches, are disappointed to be 0-4. We have to stay together and really get behind our coach. I believe Tony is the right coach. All the games we've played have been very close, could have gone either way. But when you see the team practicing and playing as hard as they can, I think that's a good sign."

"I am hopeful [the team will turn around its season]"

"You read in the press, everybody talks about changes and that would change things around.  I really believe that any football team, if you look at the winning teams, they are consistent and they stay the course. You go through rough periods. I think we have a lot of talent."

"But I think, most important, the players believe in Tony. As long as the players believe in him and are playing hard for him, with the talent we have, we are going to win our share of games."

"We're committed to winning, will do whatever resources it takes to win. As long as the team is really behind its coach and it has talent, it has a good shot of winning. Like in anything else, you've got to be optimistic. I think you stay the course. We'll get there."

"I feel as frustrated as you do. When you hurt, I'm hurting. I'm dedicated to making sure we turn this around as fast as possible."

So....he's okay with losing?  And he's okay with scoring one freaking touchdown a game? And he thinks this team has talent?  Where, exactly?

Sure we'll get there.  Someday. sigh. 
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No. What Ross is okay with is not firing Sparano until the end of the season. Basically Ross is not on board the "Suck For Luck" train - he still wants the Dolphins to win as many games as possible this year. Ross knows the following:

1) There are no good mid-season options for coaching changes. Top candidates will not take over mid-season. Daboll is not experienced enough. Nolan is running the #30 defense in the league right now.

2) If he undermines the coach then the Miami job will become less attractive to future candidates, who will fear that the same thing will happen to them. (Potential candidates already may not look too kindly on Ross' actions at the end of last season)

3) If Sparano is undermined and the locker room becomes chaotic than things will only likely get worse during this season then the already are.

Ross's plan is almost certainly to try to bolster Sparano to see if anything one-quarter-decent can still be obtained from this season. However, then he's almost certainly going to decide to fire Sparano at the end of the season (barring some absolutely shocking turnaround.)


Truth be told, I am not very worried about what I described above. These tactics seem fairly reasonable to me.

Here's what I am worried about, and I believe it is a realistic possiblity: Ross will fire Sparano and not Ireland. Ross seems to be "buddy buddy" with Ireland. He seems to trust Ireland. He brought Ireland with him on the plane trip to see Harbaugh last year, remember?

I think this would be disastrous because Ireland is as much, if not more, culpable for this mess than Sparano is.

Also, most of the top candidates would want to bring in their own GM (or at the least, they'll have doubts about Ireland) so it will turn candidates off.


Mike, you're right, and I've said before that I thought Sparano would survive the season. I was concerned that Ross was simply saying that everything that's going on is okay with him - which indicates a larger problem.

Anyway, I'll be curious to see what happens with Ireland.


Ross is at least half-responsible for this mess, what else could he say? He had to come out and say something, right? Either Tony's fired or this half-ass vote of confidence. I guess we're on a Sparano-Firing-Watch, but I wouldn't be surprised if he makes it till the end. Then what should happen is both Tony and Jeff get shown the door.

The only way to fix this is to first find a quality talent evaluator and staff, until that happens we'll continue to stink up the place.