Monday, October 24, 2011

Get used to it!

Mike Pouncey was saying it was weird to not have the crowd behind the team, and to hear them cheering for the other team, or a player on that team.

To which I say: get used to it.  With the way this ownership has decided to put fannies in seats, without regard to them being Dolphins fans - and who would want to be? - you have to expect its going to happen a lot more in the future!
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Man I can't believe that. I've been a dolphin fan since 88 when I can remember watching football and I've never seen our fans cheer for the other team in our stadium. The Ross family has ruin what the Robbie family built. Atleast the image of the dolphins in my mind and other fans mind. Suck for luck is stupid too, were dolphins we don't play to that level!!!