Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Game rewind

A couple of observations as I look back over the game:

(1) the two point conversion that we attempted.  It did seem odd at the time, but I have to give credit for Tony actually trying to pick up some points where he could get them.  When you have trouble scoring at all, its nice to see at least an attempt to score points.

(2) The Broncos two-pointer.  This is about the 4th time in 4 seasons where that a QB draw was a game deciding play.  Matt Schaub did it.  Ben Rothlisberger did it.  Aaron Rogers did it.  That's endemic of a coaching problem when you allow the same type of play to beat you in several consecutive years.

(3) Tony made a coaching blunder on the long reception that setup the second TD for the Broncos.  In this case, it was a play inbounds.  The clock was ticking under 30 seconds.  The Broncos lined up to go, and Tony called timeout to have the officials review it.  The clock stopped.  Now he did get the timeout back, but he chose to stop the clock.  Isn't that the same basic mistake he made against the Saints a couple of seasons ago?

(4) Even though he says the team didn't go prevent, why was the team in some soft zone coverages at the end, and 5 defensive back sets.  While its true that it wasn't deep zones, it generally allows for a team to move down the field methodically.    
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