Sunday, October 16, 2011

Do I want them to win?

I had an interesting quandry this morning.  Yes, its the Jets.  And yes, in a general sense, the Dolphins can go 2-14 this season as long as the 2 are against the Jets.

But this game, this team really, is so irrelevant that I honestly don't care if they win. And because I want a new coach to start clean and fresh and get the maximum value for the draft, I'd almost rather the Fins finish poorly.

Look, I don't subscribe in the suck for Luck campaign.  I think that serves no real purpose.  But my biggest fear is that somehow, some way, the Fins wind up up 6-10 or so, and are competitive in most games.

And that Cap'n Izzy decides that we're still on the right path, and retains Sparano and Ireland for another year.  Because we're mysteriously "so close"...

At 6-10, we'd be out of the hunt for any of the top QBs, so it would be pointless.

That would suck.
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I think I'm with you. I will watch, but with no expectation that the Phins will play well. I know, it's sad...but true.